Consultations are provided to gather information about your child. 

  • Answer questions about typical development

  • Determine appropriate course of action: screening, evaluation, therapy, etc.

  • Over the phone - less than 10 minutes



Screenings and evaluations are both offered here at PickleTree.  


  • Screenings help determine if a child falls within the typical range of development.

  • Identify those in need of a more extensive evaluation.

  • Appropriate for children under the age of 6 years. 

  • Hearing screenings for children 3 years and up. 


  • Conducted when a client has not yet been diagnosed or treated.

  • Evaluations include a variety of measures, consisting of standardized testing, parent or client interviews, a complete oral motor evaluation, and informal observation.  

  • The evaluation process will begin with the completion of an intake form. Compete prior to evaluation appointment and return via mail or email.

  • Results include therapy recommendation, frequency, and approximate duration.



  • PickleTree Pediatric Therapy provides one-on-one speech, language, and literacy services to children of all ages.  

  • We provide pre- and post-frenectomy (tongue tie release) care in coordination with your surgical provider.

  • Therapy for the remediation of a tongue thrust. oromyofunctional skills, and feeding/swallowing issues.  

  • Typically 30-60 minutes in length, depending on the age and needs of the child.  

  • A short overview of skills addressed and home practice suggestions to allow for optimal carryover of skills learned will be provided at the end of sessions.